More than a year ago i was asked by Inspiro b.v. to extend the prototype software of the BabyBloom incubator.

The electronics of the system is based on dedicated hardware, designed and build by Inspiro b.v.: the safety critical part with OS-less micro-controllers (PIC18Fxxxx) and the UI on a panel-pc (with windows-CE). All parts connected by a a CAN bus. The basis of the software architecture was also already designed and build (and quite well i must say) by Inspiro.

Since this is hardware and software for medical purposes, I was also asked to support the Dekra testing & certification.

So, this promised to be a very interesting project! After more than a year working on this i can confirm this. The project has advanced to the following state:

  • soft and hardware is certified by Dekra.
  • first 2 production models are build of which one is in use at the OLVG
  • i’m still working on the software, implementing improvements and new functionality.

Used technologies

  • PIC18Fxxxx (C and assembly)
  • WINCE6.0 (C#)
  • CAN
  • I2C
  • various sensor technologies.